Looking for ultimate fresh products, The Saotico Restaurant cooks everyday fresh market products according to seasonal needs.
Below you will find food suggestions and informations. See some pictures of the dishes, click here.


(only french)

The menus

For gourmets, a one-way ticket to a most enjoyable taste experience!

Tasting Menus // €50

2 Starters (small), 2 Main Courses (small) + Cheese + Assortment of Desserts


Enjoyment for every body, including those having special diets:
Food with no salt, lactose free, gluten free, no oil or butter, steamy food, vegetarian food.
Every thing is possible, with the desire to respect our customer and to cook food according to his needs.

Fresh Vegetables // €9

Steamed Vegetables cooked with Basil

Beef Steack // €16

With chicken broth

Iced Nougat // €6

Iced with Coco Nuts Milk and Tapioca Seeds

The Chef Special Touch

The Chef Hugues Gournay and his particularities:


Goat Cheese Spring Rolls with Vinaigrette and Zucchinis


Raviolis with Beef Cheeks, grated Carrots, Ginger and Coriander

FEUILLETINE ( Crispy Layers) €9

Crispy Feuilletine Pastry: and served with Mousseline Cream with Earl Gray Zest and Rawsberries

Timeless Dishes

Among many dishes rooting from French Country Side, the Chef Hugues Gournay cooks.

The "Foie gras" // €15

Half Cooked Foie Gras (Duck liver) in Terrine

Veal Kidneys // €18

Veal Kidneys with Confit Shallots and Purée

Lace Tile Biscuit // €9

Lace Tile Biscuit caramelized with Orange, and filled with Lemon, Grapefruits and Orange Cream

Le Sâotico